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Asian Chicken Slaw

I am a big fan of variety.  Typically, once I cook a recipe, I don’t want it again for at least a few months.  But there are a few exceptions.  And this Asian Chicken Slaw is one of them.  Every fall, I make a batch of this salad almost every week, until I can’t buyContinue Reading

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Make Cherries Last All Year Plus 8 Scrumptious Recipes!

I don’t think I have to do a very hard sell on cherries.  Most of us are more than happy to wolf down our fair share when they hit the produce shelves in the summertime.  But did you know that cherries have a great deal of health benefits, too? Cherries boast an impressive list ofContinue Reading

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  1. [...] Make Cherries Last All Year Plus 8 Scrumptious Recipes! from Live Clean Be Strong. [...]

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Summer Cherry Kraut

Cultured vegetables are a great way to supplement your diet with probiotics and build your beneficial gut flora. Cultured and fermented foods deliver far more probiotics than probiotic supplements or store-bought yogurt.  Adding some summer fruit to your kraut makes it even more fun!  Follow these simple instructions for your very own homemade kraut.  CulturesContinue Reading

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Cherry-Walnut Muffins (Grain-Free)

These Cherry Muffins are a grain-free, low-sugar snack.  I’ve used a combination of raw honey and stevia to keep the sugar content really low, but it doesn’t compromise flavor…promise!  They are great served warm and spread with some raw butter.   Wet Ingredients: 4 pastured eggs, beaten 4 tablespoons coconut oil, liquefied 2 tablespoons raw honeyContinue Reading

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Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Cherry Salsa

This pork tenderloin is one of my favorite summer recipes and I pair it with different fruit salsas as the season unfolds.  Mango-avocado salsa in the early spring, cherry salsa in the early summer and peach salsa in late summer.  This will be a wonderful addition to your summer menu! Grilled Pork Tenderloin: 2 lbsContinue Reading

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Cultured Cherry Fruit Leather

Dried fruit and fruit leathers are great on-the-go snacks and you wouldn’t believe how easy they are to make.  For me, they are always a little too sweet.  Dried fruit can be too much sugar for little ones, too who are particularly fond of this snack.  One way to make your dried fruit snack aContinue Reading

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Cherry-Basil Kefir Soda

Have you tried kefir soda yet?  It’s a great replacement for those high-sugar juices and sodas and delivers a big dose of probiotics to boot!  Not to mention it’s delicious and refreshing!  In this recipe, I show you how to make a cherry-basil version of this delightful summer drink. Cherry Syrup 1 lb organic cherries,Continue Reading

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Cherry Chicken Salad

I love finding new ways to incorporate fruit into my salads.  For some reason, I look forward to a bite of leafy greens combined with a fresh fruit and some tangy dressing.  Try this recipe as a great way to enjoy cherries this summer! Ingredients: 1/4 cup sour cream (I like Nancy’s Organic Cultured SourContinue Reading

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Cherries and Cream Popsicles

Popsicles are a healthy, low-sugar treat for those hot summer days and are very easy to make.  There are lots of different options for popsicle molds.  I thought having just one set would be plenty, but when that one is full of popsicles in the freezer, you can’t make more until you eat the firstContinue Reading

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Cucumber Summer Squash Salad with Yogurt-Herb Dressing

It’s a push each week to use all the veggies I’ve been getting in my CSA farm share.  Sigh….first world problems.  The fun part is I’ve created some yummy new recipes.  This salad is just divine and especially if you get the ingredients right from the garden (or the garden of your local farm!). Dressing:Continue Reading

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