My Super Simple Skin Care Secret

I just finished my morning skin care regime and my skin is feeling faaaaaantastic and all loved up!

Did you know that the quality of what you put on your skin is actually more important than what you what you eat and drink?

Say what?!

All the products you use on your skin and all their ingredients get absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

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That means the chemicals in your soap, deodorant, hair products, shaving cream, lotions, even your shower water get transported directly into your body.  Your skin is your body’s largest organ, with an average surface area of 2300 – 3100 square inches, providing lots of absorption area for the chemicals in the products we use.

Unlike your skin, the food you eat does not have a fast track to the bloodstream.  Instead, it goes through a thorough digestive, metabolic and detoxification process.  During digestion, food is separated out into fuel and waste and the liver detoxes anything that is waste.   But when something touches your skin, there is no “weeding out” process.


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What are you putting on your skin?  Have you read the labels?  Do you know what those unpronounceable ingredients are?  Or what they do?  Even after I started getting serious about clean living, I would read an ingredient label and see something I didn’t recognize and be immediately hit with a wave of overwhelm.  I’d react by brushing over it and I’d say to myself, “It’s probably fine.  This seems like a reputable company and they wouldn’t put anything dangerous in here.”  Boy was I ever wrong.  I finally started taking responsibility for my consumer choices and used my chemistry background to figure out what was in my products and what they were doing to my body.


I only use products on my skin that I wouldn’t mind eating!

That’s not to say that I sit down to a bowl of eye serum or face cream for lunch.  But I understand that what I put on my skin makes it’s way into my body.  So if I wouldn’t want it in my mouth, I certainly wouldn’t want it in my skin where it can pass unfiltered into my bloodstream.  I don’t have any qualms about eating any one of the products that I use on my skin because the ingredients are that good!


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Now to some of you that might sound like overkill.  But, do you know why it’s not?  Because it’s just not that hard to use simple, nourishing, natural, edible products on your skin.  When I choose a product for my skin, hair or face, I’m not just looking to “do no harm”.  I want to feel like I’m at the spa every time I apply it.  I want to feel my skin being deeply nourished by the products I use.

Remember, simple is better.  Most of the products I use contain rich, nourishing oils and butters, aloe, mineral-rich clays, herbs, and essential oils.  And a lot of them I make myself!

So right now, I want you to go to your bathroom, your medicine cabinet, wherever you keep your skin products and READ THE LABELS!  What do you see?  Do you recognize the ingredients?  Can you even pronounce all of them?

If there is an ingredient you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce, it probably shouldn’t be going on your skin.  Check out these links for recommendations for some of my favorite products:

Simply Divine Botaniclas – Skincredible! Sandalwood Revitalizing Elixr

Simply Diving Botanicals – Amazing Face Rejuvenating Moisturizer

Simply Diving Botanicals – Face The Day Firming SeaWeed Serum

In my one-on-one coaching, we’ll identify which products are polluting your life and help you find natural, nourishing solutions to get you Living Clean.  For now, get started with my free video series.


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